How to Plan for Bali, 8 Days Itinerary

I never planned writing a blog for Bali, because there is already so much information available for the same. But my experience of vising Bali has been so beautiful I felt it should be shared. So here is an 8 day itinerary for the beautiful Indonesian island based on my experience of visiting it twice.

Why to go to Bali:
I absolutely love Bali, I’ve been there twice and can go again anytime. The best part about Bali apart from how beautiful it is, are the people and food. Balinese people are the most humble people I’ve ever met which is really overwhelming. With the growing tourism the restaurants and cafes have evolved accordingly, they have some of the best and fresh fruits and serves almost all kind of cuisines freshly prepared even in the remotest of areas. So what other reason do one need?

Pancake and Burger at a Cafe

How to reach and Visa: 
Bali being the hottest tourist destination of current time is connected to all the major cities via air. You can easily get a direct or connecting flight to Denpesar International Airport. Visa for Indians is on arrival and free for first 30 days.

When to go: 
Peak season to visit Bali is July-August and November to February(which is rainy season), so I’ll suggest visit just before the peak season starts or ends as the weather almost remains same throughout but you’ll get better deals on flights and hotels.

What to pack: 
Pack the most breathable clothes with comfortable flip flops. don’t over pack, travel light with just cabin luggage that too a backpack. It makes transfer easy and you don’t have to worry about your luggage all the time.

Airport to Hotel:
Cabs on airport will be very expensive so its better to ask your hotel or AirBnb to book a cab for you, which will cost around IDR 200k to 250k if you are staying nearby Seminyak or Kuta area.

Day 1: Seminyak/Channgu
The day you land in Bali, plan to stay at Seminyak if you want to checkout good cafes and stay close to market. Or you can checkout Channgu if you want to stay away from the crowd and enjoy the beach. Channgu beach is famous among the surfers, so you can go surfing or take surfing lessons but beware, waves are real high, I ended up hurting myself even though I know how to swim.

At Changgu beach

For the rest of the journey rent a scooter which is easily available at 80k per day for average scooter to 200k per day for high end scooter like Yamaha NMAX. You can get petrol for around 10k/ltr which is very cheap. So renting a scooter will be a good decision and you’ll save a lot of money and cab transfers are very expensive also you’ll easily ditch the traffic, which is by the way very bad in area like Kuta and Seminyak.

Now that you have a scooter, you can go to tanah lot which a offers one of the best sunsets in Bali or you can checkout the market, cafes or pubs if you just want to chill.

Day 2–3: Ubud
Getting up early morning is the best way to make the most of your vacation, so start early next morning for Ubud on your scooter. It is 35 to 40 kms ride from Kuta or nearby area and yes it is very beautiful. You’ll witness beautiful temples and houses on your way, with farms and greenery. Ubud has some of the most beautiful Airbnbs so I’ll suggest book through that, you can get a very good villa with a private swimming pool in about IDR 800k-1mn.

Road to Ubud
Open bath-tub in our Airbnb

Once you reach your hotel/AirBnB you can rest for a while and then go to Tengenungan Waterfall, it is one of the most popular waterfalls in Ubud, you’ll have to go down by stairs to enjoy the waterfall so prepare accordingly. On the other side at the top of the waterfall there are couple of restaurant where you can enjoy amazing food with a view.

Tengenungan waterfall

There are many other secluded waterfalls about which you can get to know from locals which is the best way to explore a place.

Another main attraction of Ubud apart from waterfalls are the rice terraces, if you drive around Ubud you can find various rice terrace but if you want to check out the instagram famous spots with swings and nests you can go to Tegallalang rice terrace.

Tegallalang rice terrace

After a tiring day you can have the dinner at some cute cafe and end your day by chilling by the pool or getting a SPA.

Next day start early and leave for Ulun-Danu temple, now I am asking to start early because it is a very famous place among tourist so the earlier you go the more empty the roads and temple will be. The drive itself is very beautiful and you can witness loads of farms including that of strawberries, you can even buy some fresh and delicious strawberries.

Ulun-Danu is a very beautiful temple located on the bank of a lake in the mountains of Ubud, a boat ride in the lake can also be a nice experience as it’ll give a beautiful view of mountains and the temple.

Ulun-Danu temple

On your way back from Ulun Danu you can visit Goa Gajah Temple. There you can checkout the process of making the famous Kopi Luwak.

Just to mention that almost all the temples in Bali have certain dress code,even though they provide a cloth to cover your lower body if you don’t want to use a public cloth you can carry a scarf with you.

Goa Gajah Temple

Day 4: Nusa Dua
Travel all the way down to somewhere at south east coast of Nusa Dua, as it’ll be a 45–50kms drive keep the day chill. Nusa dua have some of the most luxurious hotel, you can extend your stay here and chill.

Now one thing which you need to do beforehand is book you tour of Nusa Penida and Gili islands. This tour includes 3 to 4 snorkelling spots and half day tour of Nusa Penida island. This tour will cost you around IDR 800k-1mn. If you are on a budget, you can simply take a local boat/ferry to the island and rent a scooty on the Island.While booking cruise to Gili islands just make sure the cruise is a good one. You can also do these bookings on klook if they have better deals.

Day 5: Nusa Penida Island Tour
Nusa penida is an island located southeast to the Bali island and has some of the most beautiful beaches.

Your tour provider will pick you up from from you hotel in Nusa dua at around 8 in the morning and rest is no brainier. You’ll get to do snorkelling and checkout various beautiful fishes like manta ray.

Snorkelling in one of the spots

And trust me you won’t regret the island tour either as Nusa Penida is home to the Instagram famous Kelingking beach and if you ignore the crowd it is the one of the most beautiful places. You’ll also get to see Angel Billabong.

Kelingking beach and Angel Billabong.

Day 6–7: Gili Islands
The Gili Islands are a group of 3 tiny islands: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air, near the coast of northwest Lombok Island.

Gili islands was the best part about my visit to Bali, stay at Gili Air if you like it quiet and laid back or Gili Trawangan if you want to party. Book a airbnb villa or room whichever fits your budget. If your budget is high you can book a beachside property as well.

For this trip also they will pick you up from your hotel. Once you board on the boat my suggestion is get on the deck as the real party happens there. The trip will take around 3 hours and you can enjoy your trip with awesome view and chilled beer.

After checking in, rent a bicycle which will be around IDR 20,000 and roam on the island, go on snorkelling or scuba, watch sunset/sunrise, go for island tour and what not. Spend these two days the way you want.

Day 8:
Return to Bali and again stay at Seminyak or Changu as it is closer to the airport. You can spend the day shopping or chilling at the beach.

So here I have prepared the itinerary so that you can cover the maximum places in 8 to 9 days. You can obviously reduce the number of places if you want to keep it chill or if you have more days you can increase your stay in any of the places and so on.

View from Ulluwatu temple

Also checkout Ulluwatu temple if you can squeeze it in your schedule.

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