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About Me

Poornima Upadhyay

You don’t need to leave everything and travel because you can fill your pockets and fill your soul at the same time… 

Coming from defence background I was born nomad but never realised that until my dad retired from the forces and we settled in Jaipur. Living at one place for years became frustrating so as soon as I started working as a Software Engineer in 2015, I started travelling on my own. I love to travel but don’t want to take it full time and leave everything behind, hence I travel part time on weekends and plan my annual leaves so that I can travel as much as possible.

I enjoy sharing my experiences and making itineraries for my friends. I share all my travel stories on Instagram and write blogs as well.

Sometimes I write about tech as well so you can check that out too.

Hope my experiences will be helpful in planning your next trip. 

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