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FIXED: Ubuntu 18.04 Freezing Randomly

I’ve been using Ubuntu as long as I remember and I always look forward to its updates. So, when I got notification for stable release of Ubuntu 20.04, I upgraded it without giving it a second thought, as it is easy to update Ubuntu and this new version had some really cool updates.

Once I upgraded my laptop(Lenovo ThinkPad L490), started freezing and eventually crashed with following error:

After multiple attempts to fix this, I decided to rollback to the previous version as I had lots of pending work.

On downgrading to the Ubuntu 18.04, the issue still persisted and multiple Ubuntu installations later I finally found out the issue: Kernel version mismatch. Hence if you are facing similar issue you can check if the your kernel version supports the Ubuntu version. To check the version of kernel you can use below mentioned command:

uname -r

Output of uname -r

If you have Ubuntu 18.04 try changing the kernel version to 5.0.0-x-generic, you can manage kernel by downloading ukuuwhich provides easy way to manage kernel.


Select the version and install it. Then you need to restart your system and select the 5.0.0-x-generic version.

Upon restarting once the boot sequence starts, press Esc

Select Advance Options for Ubuntu.

Select the kernel version and you are good to go.

Though I was not able to figure out which kernel version will work with Ubuntu 20.04, Hope this helps you if you are facing similar issue with Ubuntu 18.04.

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